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Renee was a genuinely intelligent, friendly, trustworthy lender. I'm a single mother and a first time home buyer, and I knew nothing about the home buying process. From the beginning, Renee made me feel like I was her most important client. She was literally there for me every step of the way. First, she worked with me to get my credit up. For months, I had too low of credit scores to qualify for a mortgage. Every month, she would pull my scores and suggest new ways to get my scores up. She helped me figure out what debts to pay off, what to do with my student loans, etc. She did this for literally months, encouraging me all the while. After I finally got my scores up, she explained all the different types of mortgages to me. She introduced me to online trainings that taught me the basics about mortgages and home buying. Anytime I had a question, all I had to do was email her and she'd respond within a few hours, at the most. She was so attentive and easy to contact at any time. Once I put in the offer on my home, she was still there for me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. At one point, I was very discouraged because it didn't seem like I was going to be able to get affordable enough monthly mortgage payments. She gave me hope again and again and told me that as long as I wanted to keep pushing, she would be right there with me pushing to help me get my home! She was honestly just an amazing lender and an amazing person. I am so grateful to her. I had previously looked into other lenders and they were awful in comparison. They would never answer in a timely fashion, wouldn't work with me to try to make the numbers work, and were just all around unhelpful and hard to connect with. Renee is worlds different from all of the other lenders out there. If you're looking for someone who truly CARES and who is knowledgeable about how to get you the best mortgage out there for your specific circumstances, I'd highly suggest Renee. Honestly, I'd suggest Renee no matter what.


What a great experience. Timely questions and answers. Great support staff and coordination. I really felt like Renee was helping the process along and always available. I highly recommend.


Throughout the entire process, Renee was a great help. She was able to explain everything in a simple way and figure out what the best course of action was for us. During the final walkthrough, she went as far as helping us shovel a path to our place! She is a great person to work with and we would recommend her to anyone.


I had a fantastic experience with Renee. Renee is very knowledgeable and helpful. This was my first time purchasing a home and she made it a wonderful experience. I was able to contact Renee was always available for any question I had. I would highly recommend Renee!


Renee was readily available to help me. She went above and beyond to answer my questions as a new home buyer. She was direct and honest and didn't waste time. I appreciated everything she did for us and have already recommended her to others.


Renee was very knowledgeable about the process and explaining things to us which was very important as we were first time buyers. There were a few hiccups along the way but Renee was quick in addressing them and alleviating our concerns.


Renee took the time to explain every detail to me about the home buying process that I requested and always made herself available. She was very helpful and understanding of my unique situation.

nathan shower

We had a great experience with Renee and Merrimack Mortgage. As first-time homebuyers buying from out of state, she was always available on the phone for advice and clarification. It was easy to handle all of the documentation electronically with the online electronic signing software, and even though she wasn't able to make it to the actual closing, that was just as easy as the rest of the process. Renee presented multiple options and worked hard with the rest of her team to get us the best deal possible. It was almost too easy. We couldn't be happier with Renee and the team at Merrimack Mortgage.


Renee was great from start to finish. Going into the process for the first time I knew very little about the mortgage process and Renee explained everything and laid out all of my options. She was responsive and answered all of my questions. Renee and the team at Merrimack Mortgage really wen the extra mile for me the week of closing, the last week in December, to close before the 1st and we did.


Renee is a mortgage goddess! She patiently worked with us over the course of a year until we found the right house for the right price. Renee helped us find the best mortgage for us and she helped us secure a federal tax credit! During the process Renee and her team gave exceptional service. Our loan was approved and closed on time! In the end we were able to purchase our home with total cash outlay of about $500! We recommend Renee to any home buyer who wants to have a smooth and happy mortgage experience.

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Thanks Again!



Renee Duval was an incredible advisor to work with. She answered all of our many, many questions. We would highly recommend Renee and Merrimack Mortgage


Charnyl and Joshua

Renee Duval was an extremely friendly and helpful loan officer. I will always reach out to her if I have questions. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She continues to follow up with me even after the loan closed which means a lot. I am truly happy with my experience since Renee Duval was there to help. She made this process so much easier for us. I am going to recommend her to many people who are in need of a mortgage in the future.



You guys were great. Thanks so much!


Jimmie and Lisa

This is the second time that Merrimack Mortgage helped me secure a low interest 30 year loan. They are my first choice when shopping for a home loan.



You guys made my home buying experience so smooth and easy that if anyone mentions buying a home your name is the first one that comes up.Thank you so much for everything.

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